Fictional Website Step by Step

Fictional Website Assignment Step by Step

Week at A Glance


Principles of Web Design

  1. A clear purpose
  2. Speedy load times (not applicable to assignment)
  3. Typography
  4. Communication
  5. Mobile friendly (not applicable to assignment)

Step 1

Create a WordPress account using your school email. If you already have an account (with school login) click the login button.

Step 2

Either on a printer piece of paper or in a Google Doc. Identify what you want to sell (items as of 2022 ONLY allowed ; no dystopian ideas). I have 20 ideas written below (you don’t have to use any of them if you don’t want to). At the bottom of this page is a form. Fill that out with what your product is.

Product Ideas
  1. Makeup like sephora
  2. Smartwatches like fitbit
  3. Custom Water bottles like waterbottles
  4. Art Supplies like michaels
  5. Custom Design Mugs like discountmugs
  6. Custom Wall Art like etsy
  7. Custom Backpacks like customink
  8. Custom Tote Bags like zazzle
  9. Smart Home Accessories (example: smart home accessory ideas)
  10. Gardening Supplies like lowes
  11. Custom Furniture Designs like wayfair
  12. Bookstore like barnesandnoble
  13. Children Toys like lakeshore
  14. Custom Beach Towel Designs like beachtowels
  15. Custom Designed Notebooks / Calendars like moo
  16. Bird Feeders like chewy
  17. Pet Accessories like petsmart
  18. Educational resources like teacherspayteachers
  19. Online courses for a complex subject like w3schools
  20. Online PowerPoint / Google Slides templates like slidescarnival

Step 3

Either on a printer piece of paper or in a Google Drawing. Layout the visual you would like for your website. Click here if you need help visualizing.

Step 4

Create your site in WordPress. Name it something related to your product like “Samuel’s Seashells” or CustomRayFurniture. Select the free option when creating your site (no need to pay). It should have “<websitename>” if you signed up correctly.

Step 5

This is where things get fun! Give your peer editing access to your site. Just like the Peer Reviews we did a few weeks back. You will be creating the website based on your peer’s request. Click here for tutorial on how to share website editing access.

Step 6

Once you have feel the website is at it’s best design and finished. Post the link on this Canvas Discussion so everyone can see your work. Email your peer when you are finished editing their site.

For Clarification: Share your own website. Not the peer’s you edited.

Additional Information

Please have fun with this and don’t feel stressed about it. If you want to have extra fun with the site you are editing you can use resources linked below or just Google Search whatever.

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